Your name is JOHN EGBERT, and you are EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD. You dabble in the affairs of numerous subjects, including VIDEO GAMES and the occasional COMPUTER PROGRAM. You are much better than the trainwreck that was your programming CHILDHOOD. Several years ago, you played a game that ENDED THE WORLD. Thanks to a series of HORRIFYING EVENTS, the world is saved, and no one is the wiser of its DEMISE. Whether or not that is a good thing remains to be seen.

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has anyone introduced karkat to ev and iv training?

lets teach karkat how to Win

good luck wiith that.

if anybody can teach karkat to be a pokemon master, it’s jade and i.

has anyone introduced karkat to ev and iv training?

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i can tell the honeymoon phase is over because john doesnt laugh at my joe pesci one man band imitation any more

dude, i haven’t laughed at your weird celebrity impersonations since the day you asked me to be your boyfriend.

karkat playing pokemon?

time to judge his every action.

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Anonymous: Have you ever gotten naked on camera for Dave?

i’ve done it to his face though.

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It’s been five years since…

John put the bunny back in the box [7/26/09]

Anonymous: john, who would you say is the coolest one out of all of your friends?

cool and friends is something that i usually don’t say together, because none of my friends are cool.

george costanza is cool, though.

you could check him out.

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Anonymous: (( psst. what's ur ooc blog? ))

it’s here! ]]

ghostedarmy: ((I'm actually curious about this, are you and the Dave guy actually in a relationship?))

[[ nope! we are just friends ooc and we always have been :o

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i wonder if there are still people who haven’t realized i changed my theme.

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