Your name is JOHN EGBERT, and you are EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD. You dabble in the affairs of numerous subjects, including VIDEO GAMES and the occasional COMPUTER PROGRAM. You are much better than the trainwreck that was your programming CHILDHOOD. Several years ago, you played a game that ENDED THE WORLD. Thanks to a series of HORRIFYING EVENTS, the world is saved, and no one is the wiser of its DEMISE. Whether or not that is a good thing remains to be seen.

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No Homestuck reading required.

haha, wow, i am so gay.

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not all striders.

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Anonymous: oh god you've never had reeses D:

i made a post recently complaining about that fact.
but yes, i have never had a reese’s. :(

it’s probably the most tragic facet of my life, including sburb.

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halloween was pretty difficult and annoying for me, because my dad had to sort through all my candy to make sure i didn’t eat the stuff with peanuts.

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halloween for people my age is on november 1st, because all the candy goes on sale then.

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john and dave havent posted anything so i can only assume that they have actually begun a duel2 the death for my heart

he’s going down. 

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in two weeks when dave is huddled in front of his computer, furiously typing away at a report due in the morning, i’m going to have fun using this garbage disposal.

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i like doing the dishes because if someone tries to ask me about school i can run the garbage disposal

you are going to have to write that report eventually, dude.

i have a mosquito bite on my butt.

when did a mosquito get into my pants?? this is actually kind of disturbing.

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